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Related post: Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 13:11:31 +0800 From: Max Johnstone Subject: revengeHey guys! It's me, Max, and I'm back with hard video pthc a new story, "Revenge". You pthc cp site may know me from "Sex With Best Friend" and girl pthc bbs "Letters". I've been offline for a while, and now that I'm back, I'm gonna be better than ever! Hope you enjoy! Oh yeah, and if you want this story continued, email me telling pthc lol models me at pthc bbs dark pthc training torrent pthc yr top 100 pthc girls panties HOPE U LIKE IT! ()()))((()))((()))((()))((()))((()))((()))()() REVENGE ============= Hey, my name is Adam Chambers, and I'm 16 years old. I have blue eyes, dirty blonde, curly hair, mother and daughter pthc good smile, nice body, average weight and height for a 16 year old, and in good physical shape, considering I work out at the gym after school. People have told me that I look like a pthc pedo sex porn younger version of Ryan Phillippe. 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I laughed too."Yeah. Well, we better get out of here." I said."Yeah. Oh yeah, and before I forget..." he said."What?" I pthc daphne asked."Happy Birthday." he said. I smiled.*** That was 2 years ago. I'll always remember Devon, though. From r ygold pthc thumbnails that moment on, I knew that I was gay. Anyways, now I have bigger fish to pthc porn top list fry, like Andre Stenerson. He found out my secret and is torturing me, blackmailing me, everything! He has crossed pthc sex kids underage the line, and I'll be dawned if I don't get my pthc child cum revenge. Like it? want me to continue it? it's all up to you. email me at and tell me what you think! -Max
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